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  1. questionHow can I get technical support from Arecont Vision?
    Multiple channels of communication exist to reach Arecont Vision's technical support team. Our technical support team is available Monday - Friday from 5AM - 6PM PST except state holiday. Please use the below options to reach our team, dialing other departments or direct extensions may result in ...

  2. questionHow long is Arecont Vision's camera warranty?
    Arecont Vision cameras come with a 3 year standard warranty effective June 1, 2012. The new 3 year warranty is identical to the previous 1 year warranty with the exception of the coverage term. The policy details can be viewed at web site at

  3. questionDefault IP of Arecont Vision cameras
    Arecont Vision cameras do not ship with a specific default IP address. However, the last known camera IP range will be 192.168.1.xx. You should set your computer IP to the same range to discover the camera easily. AV IP utility software or AV100 should be used for initial setup and discovery of ...

  4. questionHow can I request an RMA for my camera?
    All RMA requests should be submitted through our online support portal located at To help prevent any delays in processing your RMA request, please contact our technical support team to troubleshoot the camera issue. If troubleshooting has not been performed, o ...

  5. questionHow do I get an advance replacement camera?
    Advance replacement cameras are available for cameras that are still within warranty. Advance replacements are not available for cameras which are out of warranty or for cameras which have been damaged outside of the means of normal operation (water damage, physical damage, modifications, storm ...

  6. questionHow do I reset my camera to factory settings?
    Resetting an Arecont Vision camera to factory settings can be achieved through the built-in web interface. Access the camera's web interface by typing the IP in your web browser. Under the Administration or System tab, click on Restore to Factory Default. Once the camera reboots, all settin ...

  7. questionWhat is the default username and password for my camera?
    Arecont Vision cameras do not ship with authentication enabled. To enable authentication, access the web interface of the camera and click either the 'Administration' or 'System' tabs. Passwords can then be configured for the Admin and Viewer user names. Note that custom usernames cannot be cre ...

  8. questionHow do I rotate my camera's video feed by 180 degrees?
    Arecont Vision cameras can be rotated in two ways. The web interface of the camera allows for the quickest way to rotate the image by using the Flip or Rotate options located under the Settings or Image tab. Panoramic 180 degree cameras such as AV8180, 8185, 8185DN, 12186DN, or 20185DN will als ...

  9. questionDo Arecont Vision cameras work with wireless?
    Arecont Vision cameras are fully compatible with wireless technologies. The major difficulty in implementing a wireless solution is dealing with bandwidth and stability of the wireless link. Due to network overhead with wireless, the actual available bandwidth may be much lower than the advertis ...

  10. questionMy camera was damaged by water. Is this covered under my warranty?
    No, water damage or damage caused by nature or an improper installation is not covered under our standard warranty. Cameras affected by this type of damage will incur an out of warranty repair fee assessed by the severity of the damage to the camera. Please submit an RMA request to receive an es ...

  11. questionWho can help provide design & blue print help?
    For system designs requiring in-depth detail to pixel density, please contact the appropriate Field Applications Engineer for your territory. Your ISM or RSM can refer you to the FAE resource closest to you.

  12. question• Who can I confirm part numbers and accessories with to make sure the Bill of Materials are correct and current?
    You can contact Inside Sales or your local Arecont Vision manufacturer representative to get help with confirming part#s and/or bill of material

  13. questionWhere can we buy Arecont Vision products?
    You can purchase Arecont Vision products through one of our nationwide Distributors (call your RSM or ISM for a list of distributors)

  14. questionHow do I save camera settings after making changes via the web interface?
    Settings must be committed to flash memory after making changes via the camera's web interface. This can be done under the Administration or System tab of the camera depending on the firmware currently loaded.

  15. questionDo Arecont Vision cameras have a coax connection to connect a handheld video monitor?
    Arecont Vision cameras do not have a coax connection for a handheld monitor. A PC or other device capable of processing the IP feed from the camera must be used to stream video. The camera's onboard web interface can be used for a very quick connection while the included AV100 or AV200 software ...

  16. questionWhat type of video compression is used in Arecont Vision cameras? What is H.264?
    Arecont Vision cameras use Motion JPEG and H.264 depending on the model. For more detailed information on supported camera modes, please check camera specifications for individual models. H.264 compression is an algorithm which allows for reduced bandwidth while still retaining excellent image q ...

  17. questionWhere can I find demo videos or images from Arecont Vision cameras?
    Our image gallery is available here: Image Gallery. Our video gallery is available here: Video Gallery. Our sales team is also available to provide additional demo materials and information regarding our products using the contact information here: Regional Contacts.