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Which housing will fit my Microdome series cameras? Model will listed inside the article.
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Last Updated
26th of August, 2015

Microdome family cameras will include following model number. You can check more details in our web site at

AV1455DN-F, AV1455DN-F-NL, AV1455DN-S, AV1455DN-S-NL, AV2455DN-F, AV2455DN-F-NL, AV2455DN-S, AV2455DN-S-NL, AV2456DN-F, AV2456DN-F-NL, AV2456DN-S, AV2456DN-S-NL, AV3455DN-F, AV3455DN-S, AV3456DN-F, AV3456DN-S, AV3455DN-F-NL, AV3456DN-F-NL, AV3456DN-S-NL, AV5455DN-F, AV5455DN-S, AV5455DN-F-NL, AV5455DN-S-NL.

However, only -S and -S-NL models have housing accessories. All the -F models will NOT have any accessories.

-S and -S-NL will have 2 different accessories. First is wall mount (Part#: MCD-WMT). The datasheet can be downloaded from Second is pendant mount (Part#: MCD-CMT). The datasheet can be downloaded from
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