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How do I get an advance replacement camera?
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12th of August, 2015

Advance replacement cameras are available for cameras that are still within warranty. Advance replacements are not available for cameras which are out of warranty or for cameras which have been damaged outside of the means of normal operation (water damage, physical damage, modifications, storm damage, lightening strike damage etc).

Replacements are issued in the following manner:
  • Bad out of box or cameras defective within 90 days of purchase will be replaced with a new camera.
  • Cameras beyond the 90 days mark but within the warranty period or the duration of an extended warranty will be replaced with a refurbished camera. 

To obtain an advance replacement, an RMA request should first be created at Upon RMA approval from our technical support team, an advance replacement form will be provided on the support ticket. This form must be completed, signed and returned back to Arecont Vision. This form can be faxed or scanned and attached to the corresponding support case. A purchase order (if the company has service account with us) or credit card is required as a guarantee that the damaged product will be returned to Arecont Vision. Credit card provided in the form will have a $500 "hold" to validate the card if it's good or not. If it declined, advance replacement will not proceed and will need another valid card to process.

Upon receipt of the completed advance replacement form, a replacement camera will be shipped within 3 business days. If the damaged camera is not returned within 10 business days of the receipt of the replacement camera, the client is held responsible for the full replacement value of the camera using the credit card or purchase order provided on the advance replacement form. Once the damaged camera arrives at Arecont Vision, the PO or credit card information is destroyed and no charges will be issued. 



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