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Do Arecont Vision cameras work with wireless?
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13th of August, 2015

Arecont Vision cameras are fully compatible with wireless technologies. The major difficulty in implementing a wireless solution is dealing with bandwidth and stability of the wireless link. Due to network overhead with wireless, the actual available bandwidth may be much lower than the advertised rate. A 54Mbps wireless device may actually be giving a throughput closer to 30Mbps when all is said and done. Additionally, any radio interference or noise may affect the stability of the connection causing disconnections or video that appears to jump or freeze.

Careful attention must be placed on bandwidth and it is highly advisable to overestimate the amount of bandwidth that the cameras will consume on a single wireless connection rather than trying to maximize the number of cameras. The Arecont Vision Bandwidth and Storage Calculator can assist with giving a rough estimate of the amount of bandwidth needed for a particular camera. Note that some wireless mesh technologies may advertise a high bandwidth rate but may be bottlenecked at a certain point. Cameras may also have bandwidth spikes if the image becomes less compressible at some point.

When configuring Arecont Vision cameras for wireless deployment, it is recommended to configure the cameras locally prior to attaching them to the wireless link. Not all wireless bridges and access points will allow for proper camera detection as the broadcast from the Arecont Vision installer utility may be blocked.
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