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How can I improve the frame rate of my camera?
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25th of August, 2015

If your camera is not currently streaming at the maximum frame rate, ensure that it does not currently have multiple connections running. Arecont Vision cameras will divide the maximum frame rate across multiple unique connections. A camera with a maximum of 32fps which has 4 unique connections will deliver 8fps on each stream. Additionally, improving the lighting conditions in the camera's view will help give optimal image quality and speed from the camera. The protocol you are using will also affect the fps of the camera. For example, if you are using TCP, then there wil be around 2-3 fps lost due to handshaking mechanism of the protocol. If you are using UDP, it will be faster. However, due to there is no handshaking mechanism, UDP could result some lost fps due to unknown reasons. User will need to decide what is the best protocol to use with the correspondent 3rd party NVR or VMS software.

To verify whether the camera is being affected by other connections, it is best to isolate the camera from the rest of the network. Once isolated, run the AV100 software to determine the baseline performance of the camera. Pressing CTRL+S while in the AV100 Live Video application will give the current frame rate and bandwidth from the camera. If the camera is isolated from all other network devices, you should now see the maximum frame rate of the camera.

Detail instructions to test the camera with AV100 software:

You can download AV100 from here DNAvHuqHPN19KpVBMM6dyScWyNZrDw3l9UHsc&m=EgVZZzS8Ds5_S1xrkjwhWfA7nW29R4Zi6N-bm2nQ08Y&s=veD7UrJvgflj6nzZdIbUaWEw188IMPP1v0Rg9gs3Rc0&e="> under Legacy software section.

1. Install AV100 to the computer which have direct connection to the camera.
2. Run the set up camera option in the software
3. Make sure you installed the camera and saying install, online
4. Click save & exit
5. Run the Live video option
6. Waiting for the video came up
7. Press + hold CTRL + S, it will show the fps and bandwidth in the top left hand side corner.
8. Go to advance tab in the left hand side and uncheck Don't Update Windows Sensor. Then click apply -> OK
9. If you double click the video, it will change the resolution to MAX. You can also go to image quality to change the size of the picture to get different fps with different resolution.

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