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When should I pick an auto-iris camera? Can I get a camera with both -DN and -AI functionality?
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19th of March, 2012

Any model ending with -AI supports an auto-iris lens. Cameras cannot have both the IR cut filter of a -DN camera with the auto-iris connector of an -AI camera. The auto-iris option allows for the camera to keep the lens optimally closed when there is sufficient scene illumination, providing good depth of focus. When the illumination diminishes, the camera opens the lens, allowing more light to reach the sensor, thus extending the sensitivity range of the camera. The auto-iris option should used mainly for outdoor applications where there is a large variation in illumination conditions. In many applications, auto-iris is unnecessary due to the onboard exposure adjustment of the camera sensor. It is important to keep in mind that the best image quality will be achieved with a megapixel quality lens.
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