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Why does my camera detect with a status of "Video Unavailable" in AV100?
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2nd of May, 2012

This is most commonly a result of the camera residing in a different network from the PC running the Camera Installer utility. Once the camera has been assigned to an address in the same subnet as the PC, the Result field should change to Installed, Online. This can also be a result of having multiple network adapters configured for different IP networks. Disabling all adapters except for the adapter connecting to the same physical switch or router as the camera will help in this scenario.

For instance, 2 cameras are connected to the same switch as the PC running the Camera Installer. Our PC has a single network adapter running under a address. Camera 1 has a IP which is in the same subnet as the PC and gives a result of Installed, online. Camera 2 has an IP address of which is not in the same subnet as our example PC. This gives the result of Video unavailable.

After changing Camera 2's IP address to an address of, the camera would then show as Installed, online.

Have we determined what we are going to do with these two cameras I have.



Cameras worked for about 2 weeks and stopped working we tried connecting them to the aracont software and rediscovering them and we tried working directly to my PC and still will not respond. 


Thank you,


 Sean Johnson

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