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Word Description
Auto Iris A specific type of lens which has a motorized iris. Auto Iris compatible cameras are required in order to control and power this type of lens.
AV100 The Arecont Vision software which comes standard on the CD with every camera. Also available for download at:
DN Short for Day/Night. Day/Night cameras have both a day and night mode, with the night mode giving IR sensitivity for low light applications.
IP Address A numerical address assigned to any network device operating in an IP networking environment.
IR Cut Filter A small mechanical switcher which moves an IR filter back and forth in front of the camera sensor. This allows for Day/Night model cameras to be sensitive to IR in night mode while blocking IR during daytime operation.
Private IP Address A specially reserved block of IP addresses used in private networks. These address prefixes can not be routed on the public Internet. The following ranges are reserved for this functionality: Class A: - Class B: - Class C: -
Public IP Address An address that can be routed on the public Internet. This excludes the reserved IP addresses defined as private addresses.
RMA Return Merchandise Authorization. Authorization from Arecont to return merchandise for repair or other reasons.
ROI Region of interest. This is a zoom window that can be created within the AV100 software.