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  1. questionDo all panoramic cameras use the same accessories?
    No. Older AV8180/8185 and AV8360/8365 model cameras use a different set of mounting accessories from the current AV8185DN, AV8365DN, AV12186DN, AV20185DN, AV20365DN model cameras. The current line up of panoramic cameras are IP66 rated and thus do not require an additional dome enclosure like th ...

  2. questionDoes a panoramic camera require 4 recording licenses?
    Licensing is determined by the 3rd party software you are using to record with the camera. Please contact your software vendor to determine their licensing arrangement for panoramic cameras. If you are using the Arecont Vision AV100 software, only a single license is required for recording as li ...

  3. questionMy panoramic camera will not stay flipped.
    The flip option requires the setting to be committed to flash memory after being modified. Ensure that your camera is running the latest firmware to guarantee full compatibility. Some earlier releases of firmware may not support proper saving of the flip functionality of the camera. This can be ...

  4. questionHow many IP address does a panoramic camera use? Does it require multiple Ethernet cables?
    Panoramic cameras obtain a single IP address. Each channel is individually accessible by requesting video from a specific channel. A single Ethernet connection is used for all panoramic cameras.

  5. questionHow does a panoramic camera stream video? Is it a single video stream or a stitched image?
    Panoramic cameras are designed as an array of 4 separate 2 megapixel or 5 megapixel sensors. The camera will output 4 separate streams and does not have onboard capability to stitch the images before outputting a video stream. Many 3rd party software applications provide post processing support ...