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  1. questionWhich lens options are available on the MegaDome?
    MegaDome cameras currently come with two lens options available: 4.5-10 mm lens (default configuration) 8-16 mm lens (desiginated by -16 in the model number i.e. AV2155DN-16) Arecont Vision does not recommend attempting to replace the lens with a different lens as you may encounter difficulty ...

  2. questionWhat mounting options are available for MegaDome cameras? How do I install the mounts?
    Jump to 04:45 in the above video for a video guide to installation. The following mounting configurations are supported with the first generation of MegaDome cameras: Surface Mount - Ready out of the box Drop Ceiling / In Ceiling - Use MD-FMA Pendant Mount - Use MD-CMT Wall Mount - Use MD-WMT ...

  3. questionHow do I install and configure a MegaDome camera?
    This video guide covers: Removing the dome bubble Adjusting camera sensor pan and tilt Zoom, focus and iris lens adjustment Using the MD-FT focus tool MD-1HK Heater Kit option Heater connections I/O connections Auxiliary power connections MegaDome mounting configurations

  4. questionWhere can I find the MegaDome installation manual?
    The MegaDome manual is available under the Downloads tab of the individual product pages listed here:

  5. questionCan I power my MegaDome's heater kit from PoE?
    The current line of MegaDome cameras have a heater kit (designated by -1HK in the model number) which requires external DC power (10-50VDC, 10W) to be supplied to the camera. Future cameras may provide support for powering the heater via PoE. Please consult with the spec sheet of your camera for ...